“NXT Generation” Window and Door Systems

Humphrey “NXT Generation” window and door systems means a dedication to continual improvement in window and door design, quality and performance.

Humphrey windows and doors incorporate:

• The highest quality materials
• Tested and proven hardware
• The latest in energy efficient low-e glass and glass packages.
• Over fifty years of manufacturing experience
• Dedicated and accountable quality control process
• The latest technologies to enhance the performance of the glass, hardware, and operation of the window

Humphrey’s windows and doors are designed for the demands of western Canada’s extreme weather conditions. From the intense cold of the north to the high winds that blow through the prairies, to the solitude and tranquility of northwestern Ontario, years after our windows and doors have been installed they continue to perform in a home owners biggest investment, their home.
The end result is, very few service issues and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Made-to-Measure Precision

Every window is made to fit your exact specifications, can be fully customized to fit the design of your home or business, tested to exceed industry standards and based on precise measurements taken on-site by a Preferred Humphrey Dealer.

Quality Guarantee

Humphrey has developed its own unique and comprehensive quality control system, where through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, heavily researched and individually selected components, and favorable warranties has earned a reputation of providing outstanding value to our dealers and their customers. With thousands of windows and doors being shipped across Western Canada each year, Humphrey stands behind what we sell! Should something be found wrong in our product due to manufacturing error, or product defect, contact your “Preferred Humphrey Dealer” and they’ll take care of you.

“Have You Checked” is our in-house quality control program designed by, and exclusively to, Humphrey Products. We take great pride in our work, with every employee trained to ensure our products meet our rigorous standards.

Each Humphrey window and door is inspected by workers at every stage of production.

Finally, before it is shipped, it must receive our “Have You Checked” label to confirm that it achieves our exacting specifications. We make sure our quality control is done in-house and not at your house.