Wood Grain Fiberglass Doors

Wood doors have evolved into technologically advanced, durable, stainable fibreglass door panels. Feel the warm rich texture of real wood without the maintenance, and potential of moisture damage. Stainable fibreglass skin with “High definition panel embossments” offer an authentic appearance
of oak and mahogany real wood finishes. These beautiful woodgrain embossed doors can be finished with one of our 18 stains or custom painted to suit your home’s style.

Whatever the style, the final design of the door is your creation, custom built by Humphrey to your specifications. The choices are endless and can be mixed and matched to fit your budget or the unique look you are trying to achieve. Make the first impression of your home a lasting one, with a NXT Generation door system from Humphrey.

The old wood sills have been upgraded to engineered multi-component sill systems tied into the overall performance of the door. At the same time, once locked it provides secure comfort through an added deadbolt or mutli-point locking system.



  1. Oak:  12″ , 14″ , 32″ , 34″ , 36″
  2. Mahogany:  6″ , 8″ , 42″


Stain Finishes:

  1. Java
  2. Special Walnut
  3. Espresso
  4. Cocoa
  5. Rosewood
  6. Chesapeak

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