Horizontal Slider

A singular operating sash slides horizontally within a pocket in the frame. The sash can be removed for easy cleaning.

Humphrey’s new “Trillium” Slider is a further testament to manufacture the best quality products we can. Developed by Humphrey for those homeowners that are looking for better performance in a slider window, it punctuates our commitment to triple 1 3/8  OD glass as our standard.

Triple 1 3/8 OD glass Operating Sash


  • Accepts full 1 3/8 triple overall glass
  • Dual wall glazing upstand for strength
  • Dedicated lift rail sash
  • Extra “face weather pile” at interlock

• 3 1/4″ Overall frame depth


Solid Colours:

– White

Painted Custom Colours (Exterior Only):



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