How It’s Built

Humphrey’s Doors are built to last. Here’s why!

A) Composite technology solid brickmould

  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Brickmoulds come in wood grained white and stainable tan as well as vinyl wrapped “wood” option
  • Made to measure “built out brickmould” option available to suit special requirements

B) Composite technology solid door jamb

  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Jambs available in wood grained white or stainable tan
  • Vinyl wrapped finger jointed “wood” option as an affordable alternative

C) Heavy duty sill assembly

  • Durable PVC thermal break, solid sill blocking, extruded aluminum threshold and nosing

D) Corner Sill Assembly

  • Gasket and sealed sill corners, ensure tight connections that prevent air and water penetration Hinges

E) Hinges

  • Heavy duty plated ball bearing hinges ensure smooth easy operation, in brass, nickel and black
  • Adds beauty and guaranteed not to rust

F) High-density polyurethane core

  • Provides superior insulation value and helps reduce sound transmission

G) Composite edges

  • Composite edging prevents moisture from penetrating into the door slabs cavity to a much greater degree than normal wood edges

H) LVL stiles and rails

  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) provides added rigidity, are moisture   resistance and not as susceptible to   twist or warp like regular finger jointed wood components

I) Adjustable Sweeps

  • Rigid PVC door sweeps provide added protection against the elements